Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Joseph and a Nobleman's Sons: A Blessing in Disguise

A nobleman, greatly devoted to St. Joseph, was accustomed to celebrate his feast yearly, with great zeal. He had three children: one of them died on the very day of the saint's feast; the next year, on the same day, a second one died also. This double loss so disconcerted the good father, that he formed the resolution not to celebrate the feast on the following year, fearing lest his last remaining child might die in his turn. A short time before the feast, either to dispel his grief, or from the effects of fear, he undertook a journey. One day, as he walked along buried in thought, his eyes fell upon the bodies of two young men which were hanging from a tree. At the same moment an angel appeared to him and said: "Dost thou see those two young men ? Know then, that thy two sons, had they lived, would have ended like them, but, because of thy devotion to St. Joseph, he obtained from God that they should die in their infancy, in order to spare the dishonor to thy house, and to assure to themselves the happiness of heaven. Go then and celebrate the saint's feast, and fear nothing for thy remaining son; he will become a bishop and enjoy a long life." The events proved the truth of the prediction.

~  Excerpt from Devotion to Saint Joseph by Father Joseph Anthony Patrignani, S.J. ~


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