Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fr. Clement Machado: Turn to Saint Joseph, Great Protector of Family Life

"Dear friends, the day we have forgotten St. Joseph is the day where we're deprived of the great protector of family life.  Ever since we've neglected St. Joseph, ever since our children do not have statues-images of St. Joseph, ever since the typical Catholic family has neglected seeking on a regular frequent basis recourse to St. Joseph--ever since that day has occured, our Catholic families, home life, marriages have become ever increasingly assaulted by the powers of the flesh, the world, and the devil himself.
"We need to turn back to St. Joseph!  Bring back devotion to St. Joseph, dearest brethren!  Turn your children and grandchildren, friends and family to this most glorious protector!  After all, if God Himself in His eternal providence had deigned to grant such a protector to His only begotten Son, and the Blessed Mother was given a defender as well as helpmate--can you not imagine in God's divine providence where St. Joseph should be in the hearts and minds and homes of His faithful? "

~ Fr. Clement Machado ~


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