Wednesday, July 14, 2010

St Joseph: Prince of the Church


Anonymous said...

St. Joseph: Prince of the Church
A book in honor of Good St. Joseph

I owe a lot to this Great Saint, since Our Lord honors and loves him, so too must we honor and love him.

Good St. Joseph, Prince of the Church, please guide and protect Holy Father Benedict as he governs from the throne of St. Peter. Amen.

Benedicamus Domino!

Ite Ad Ioseph said...

Yes, I too have read this book which you mention, a very humble yet wonderful book - Just as our Saint Joseph is both humble and wonderful! I think anyone with true devotion to this Saint should read it.

I have received many graces from him, I think of him as a father to me as he is always there for me. He has given me a better understanding of who Christ is and I feel more connected to the Church through him.

To the Blog Owner: Thank-you for posting this site on the internet, it's a great resource which gives great honor to St. Joseph.

St. Joseph, Pray for us!

Anonymous said...

I too have read this book! It's awesome! I learned so much about Joseph. There is so much to learn about him and this book answered MANY of my questions. I have been to the author's site and it's good too because it has prayers and reflections on Joseph. God Bless Us All!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation, will look into this book. I have read reviews for it on and they are all very favourable.

Calvin said...

I've read it, it's awesome! I'll leave the long reviews to those who posted on the book's website